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RO System

REVERSE OSMOSIS is the latest technology to remove all excess total dissolved solids (TDS), Chemical in water up to 95%. It removes bacteria and virus to a level of 99%++, the water coming out of the system is Bacteria, virus free. Harmful mineral and suspended particles are removed and rejected.

Salient Features

  • World’s latest and best technology to converts any water to drinking water.
  • Freshwater any time.
  • Cost effective when compard with bottled water.
  • Restore the taste and Odour of water in its natural level
  • Comply with all international standards

R O Technology

Nominal rejection characteristics of reverse osmosis membranes

   Sodium 90-95    Strontium 95-97    Silicate 80-90
   Calcium 92-95    Cadmium 95-97    Phosphate 95-97
   Magnesium 94-97    Silver 90-95    Chromate 80-90
   Potassium 85-95    Mercury 94-96    Cyanide 80-90
   Iron 92-96    Barium 94-96    Sulifite 94-96
   Mantganese 92-90    Chromium 94-96    Thiosulphate 94-97
   Aluminium 95-98    Lead 94-96    Ferro Cyanide 96-98
   Ammonium 85-90    Chloride 90-95    Bromide 85-90
   Copper 96-98    Bicarbonate 85-95    Borate 25-50
   Nickel 96-98    Nitrate 50-70    Sulfate 96-98
   Zink 96-98    Fluoride 85-90    Aresenic 90-95

Impurities / Chemicals Removing Capability of Different Process

Contamination &
Casued Diseases
R O Activated
PreFilter Ozonation Boiling U.V.rays
  Sodium (Blood Pressure)
  Calcium (Kidney Stone)
  Magnesium (Kidney Stone)
  Lead (Mental Sickness)
  Copper (Indigestion)
  Mercury (Pain)
  Nitrate (Dysentery)
  Baeteria (Bacterial Disease)
  Pyrogen (Fever)
  Virus (Viral Disease)
  Fluoride (Bone Weakness)
  Arsenic (Poisoning)