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EUROPURE Reverse Osmosis (R O) Water Purifier

  • World latest technology to convert any water from your well, borewalls, lake, river which is hard and salty to clean, clear, tasty pure mineral water thru R O technology passing through five membranes of six stages.

  • Fresh water any time which is cost effective compared to any bottled water

  • Restores the taste and odour or water in its orginal form

  • Comply with all international standards

  • All filters made from An TUVCert ISO 9001-2000 Company

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EUROPURE R O Water Purifier

Commercial R O System for your high volume water solution

  • Industrial R O System

  • Demineralized water plants

  • Softener plants


For Your

  • Schools, Colleges & Apartments

  • Laboratory, Kidney Analysis & Hospitals

  • Poultry farms, Green House

  • Textiles, Medical and Electronic Industries

  • Corporate Houses

  • Iron Remover

  • Carbon Filtration

  • Waste Water Recycle Systems

RO System

   REVERSE OSMOSIS is the latest technology to remove all excess total dissolved solids (TDS), Chemical in water up to 95%. It removes bacteria and virus to a level of 99%++, the water coming out of the system is Bacteria, virus free. Harmful mineral and suspended particles are removed and rejected.

  • Pure, Clean, Safe
  • Odour free
  • Sparking Fresh
  • Refresh

Salient Features

  • World’s latest and best technology to converts any water to drinking water.
  • Freshwater any time.
  • Cost effective when compard with bottled water.
  • Restore the taste and Odour of water in its natural level
  • Comply with all international standards